Primal Fear – “Rulebreaker”

Primal Fear – “Rulebreaker” (Frontiers Music)

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Screaming for vengeance like the mighty Priest themselves, Primal Fear are back after their massive “Delivering The Black” world tour for their 11th album, “Rulebreaker”! Formed in the late 90s by ex Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist/vocalist Mat Sinner, two of Germany’s most respected metal musicians, Primal Fear soon rose to prominence for delivering hell bent for leather no nonsense searing modern heavy metal along the lines of Accept, Cage and undoubtedly influenced by metal gods themselves, Judas Priest. From Scheepers’s own cat growling vocals and ear splitting screams, it’s the heavy chugging, raw riffing twin guitars courtesy of famed Alex Beyrodt and returning founder member Tom Naumann that are the central drive to Primal Fear, and moreover the rich Germanic melodies they embody that really make these guys a force to be reckoned with, be it in fast rockers, anthems, groove monsters or speed metal killers! With Matt Sinner’s deep bass and Francesco Jovino’s propelling double bass drum work providing a solid backbone, Magnus Karlsson’s keyboards enhance the wider atmospherics on what are hugely memorable and catchy numbers like ‘Constant Heart’, ‘At War With The World’ and ‘The Sky Is Burning‘. There’s a definite live energy to the 11 tracks making this one of Primal Fear’s most exciting albums in a while, up there in class with old Teutonic knights like Accept while still able to contend with new upstarts like Cage. Most of all, it answers the question of whether heavy metal is alive in this day and in Primal Fear’s case, very much so!!!

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