PRIME EVIL “Evilution”

(Infernö Records)
Now this is a blast from the past. I used to be in contact with the bass player Mary a long time ago. Unfortunately we ended up on not so good terms and broke off our contact. Now that Prime Evil are back from the dead she no longer is a part of the band. Too bad. It would have been cool interviewing her. I remember Prime Evil to be a band borderline heavy/thrash/death metal. Of the old school while not being old school. Hopefully they’ll pick up where they left off. This was just as good as I remember them to be. This is old School death/thrash like it was played the first time the band was around. This is the take no prisoner kind of extreme metal that was heard the first time around when what genre you were a part of wasn’t of the much a matter and good metal was all that mattered. This is the kind of extreme metal that has proven to be timeless. This is some pretty darn good metal. Anders Ekdahl

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