Primitive Man – “Home Is Where The Hatred Is”


Primitive Man – “Home Is Where The Hatred Is” (Relapse Records)

Ugh. Cacophonous decibel abuse from these Colorado purveyors of death grind noise. This takes right off from where their previous release “Scorn” left –  namely, bestial missing link vocals, grating clanging guitars drenched in feedback and a bass sounding like it might resemble a bison on heat. Absolutely demented shit that will not only leave your ears ringing but your nervous system desperate for a valium to calm down afterwards. While there are only 4 songs on this album, the likes of ‘Downfall’, ‘Bagman’ and ‘Loathe’ average around 10 minutes a piece, making for a miserable death march of an album that completely lives (or dies – ed) up to its name. With their relentless droning assault, Primitive Man’s utter devastation drowns you in total despair as you wonder how the human race ever got out of their caves.

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