Pro-Pain – “20 Years Of Hardcore”

CD / DVD (AFM Records)

Arguably the last of the original 90s crossover bands, Pro Pain celebrate their 20 year anniversary by giving is this year’s bumper package bar none! The CD has 4 brand new songs like ‘Damnation’ featuring trademark roaring vox, corrosive guitar mit some classy rock n roll, and a stomping rhythm to boot! Then there’s 4 re-recorded songs like ‘Foul Taste Of Freedom’, a Böhse Onkelz cover version of ‘Keine Amnestie Für MTV’ and 14 live tracks from a Czech show. But wait up, unlike many bands who rehash the same live show on the DVD, Pro Pain instead give us another 12 track live show from Serbia, 3 songs from With Full Force, 5 more from Berlin, and yet another 5 tracks filmed by fans including ‘Iraqnophobia’ – respect to the man Gary Meskil, if this isn’t da bomb, then you don’t know shit!

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