Pro-Pain – “Voice Of Rebellion”

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Pro-Pain – “Voice Of Rebellion” (Steamhammer)

Simply raging! Quite how Gary Meskil can remain so angry for over 2 decades given his band’s undoubted success (with over a million sales) escapes me, however, the aggro crossover that Pro-Pain have both perfected and come to symbolize over the years is without question. Although earlier overshadowed by fellow New Yorkers Biohazard, time has seen a reversal with Meskil’s crew rising to the top by delivering consistently high quality, angst ridden albums that masterfully capture their raging yet singalong ambiance through turbo charged shows from their relentless international touring. Founded in the early 90s by bassist / vocalist Meskil after leaving the Crumbsuckers, Pro-Pain melded US hardcore with metal’s heaviness to produce a bark blasting band to take on all comers and leave them face down on the sidewalk with no survivors! Roaring vocals and barrage bass from Meskill meets heavy kneecap drilling riffs from the double axe attack of Marshall Stephens and Adam Phillips with the hammer bought down firmly by stomping drummer Jonas Sanders leave little pity for the timid. Pro-Pain’s music may be no frills or fancy, but it’s their sound and the way they arrange their material so intelligently that upon hearing songs like ‘Take It To The Grave’, ‘Crushed To Dust’ and the riotous ‘No Fly Zone’, complete with wailing police sirens and semi street core raps, that you’re possessed to mosh, to stomp, to go mad stomping mental! I’ve seen Pro-Pain many times live and that is exactly how the crowd reacts, perhaps not initially but inevitably and with undoubted certainty. They really are that good and on this 15th album, that testament continues to hold true. Impossible to ignore by their steadfast refusal to be beaten down, Gary Meskil and Pro-Pain are more than the voice of rebellion, but the voice of a generation.

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