PROFANATICA ”The Enemy Of Virtue”

”The Enemy Of Virtue”
(Hells headbangers)

Battle Helm Rating

This is cult US black metal. Totally up there in the cult status with Canada’s Blasphemy. Somewhere back in my head I had a nagging feeling that I do have a PROFANATICA album in my collection. And upon inspection I did find their 2010 album in my collection. But I am still totally excited to get to hear this PROFANATICA release. This is the rerelease of the classic compilation from 2007 but with added tracks. I have been aware of this band ever since the fanzine days but for some reason it did take me until 2010 to finally get to hear them. And now 7 more years later I will dive head first into earlier tracks. PROFANATICA has always been surrounded by controversy but you gotta admit a band that stand tall amidst it all. This is not black metal the US way we are used to now. This is much more a reflection what black metal came to sound like in the early 90s when the whole Norwegian boom exploded. This serves as both a reminder of where PROFANATICA came from musically as well as a document of what importance the band have had on the US black metal scene/sound. Anders Ekdahl

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