(Avant Garde)
I will willingly admit that I find joy in listening to ambient music. There is a soothing aspect to it that I at times can find a need for. But ambient black metal or post black metal ambient I’m not so sure about. But I’ll give it a chance. Who knows, I might find this album to be a band aid for my bleeding soul. This is the kind of black metal trip that wants to be mind altering. For the best reception you should listen to this with headphones on. That way you can take it all in and get lost in the universe that PTP creates. I have nothing against taking that trip. I could do with getting my fantasy stimulated. I actually found this to be some of the better off the grid black metal that I’ve heard in a long time. There is an air of freedom to this album. Let your mind wander and you body will follow. Anders Ekdahl

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