PROJECT 86 “Wait For The Siren”

“Wait For The Siren”
It might seem strange that you can go from extreme black metal to the softest hardrock in just a flick but where other people leave one thing behind to go to the next I take it all with me meaning that I build on what I like instead of changing it. It also means that my head is so full of stuff that I sometimes get my metaphors mixed up. Listening to this I realize that I have no idea what to think of it. Do they want to be the next Marilyn Manson with the outrageous image? Because that is the kind of vibes I get from the band. There is that kind of anthemic feel to the music that you find in Marilyn Manson. But no soft hardrock this isn’t. It is quite hard, borderline the hardest of metal that appeals to me a lot. There is something to it that makes me sit up and take notice. I like this and I’ll keep spinning this for a long time. Anders Ekdahl

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