Battle Helm Rating

I knew nothing of this band until I got sent this CD. And when I looked into it I found out that it is a female fronted metal band. For those that care, know that I am a sucker for anything female fronted. So apart from this being Greek (that alone is enough to wet my appetite) this is also female fronted. That is like two out of two for a really cool metal experience. This is only a three track EP, which I regret even before having heard it. I have never ever liked EPs simply because they end too soon. But as that is what I have to work with I have to make the most of it and thoroughly enjoy it. Metal wise this is heavy but not doomy. There is a slight goth feel to it but mostly it has a melodic touch that makes me think of a heavier Lacuna Coil or a less progressive Evergrey. But it is that region of Kamelot, Lacuna Coil and Evergrey this moves. I am not saying that this sounds like an amalgamation of these bands. All I am saying is that this moves in the same region. I really like what I hear and would have loved to hear even more. Anders Ekdahl

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