Promethee “Promethee” EP

“Promethee” EP
(Bad Mood)

Gotta hand it to these Swiss, only they would have the audacity to name their band after a French opera about the Greek myth of poor ol’ Prometheus, whom Zeus chained to a rock to have his liver eaten out daily! Thankfully, this Geneva band are far from tasteless, and incorporate a stylish and suave Gallic sophistication elevating their melodic death core into a league of its own on this 5 tracker EP. Songs like ‘And Then The Earth Was Shaken’, ‘Ashes’ and ‘Over The Horizon’ feature raw vocals, whirring guitars and hyperspeed drumming, but it’s the structure of the songs that makes them so progressive. With added harmonies and heaps of amazing melodies, Promethee have literally taken a page outta the opera book to create an attention grabbing and captivating musical experience! And yes, it runs to that famous Swiss made precision beat – tick toc, tick toc, just like a Swiss clock….
-Shan Siva
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