Prosperina – “Faith In Sleep”

Prosperina – “Faith In Sleep” (Maybe Records)

These guys are a Welsh trio essentially combining the trippy groove of Pink Floyd with the heavy stoner power of say, Karma To Burn. On the face of it, an impossible mix but somehow the three dudes in Prosperina pull it off with style. Hypnotic vocals and ethereal melodies mix harmoniously with dirty reverb guitars, deep rumbling bass, and driving drum work on songs like ‘Piper Alpha’, ‘God Vs Darwin’ and ‘Snow Leopard’. Best of all, the songs are structured so they’re not too lengthy in their trippy-ness but aren’t too short either, showing patience and healthy respect for their music that sets Prosperina apart from the stoner pack. “Faith In Sleep” was a pleasure to listen to and a welcome surprise in being like a gift from the namesake Roman goddess herself….

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