PSY CODE “Cause And Neglect”

“Cause And Neglect”
With a name like PSY CODE I kinda expect this to some sort of djent kind of band. Some sort of math tech metal band that challenges your every senses and requires your very attention just to sit through one song, let alone a full length album. But I could also be very wrong. It’s just a feeling I got from seeing their name. And I wasn’t too off. This is the kind of metal that if you aren’t careful will give you a massive headache. You gotta be ready for this with every sense of your body or it will just pass you by like a fart in the wind. This is the kind of metal that I have a hard time sitting through a full album of. I need to cut it up in smaller pieces to fully digest it. This to me is the kind of chest beating that I’m no great fan of. But that does not mean that I don’t appreciate the effort that has been put into making this album. It is just that this is too much for my brain to take in in full. Once cut up into smaller pieces I can enjoy it. Anders Ekdahl

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