”Sound Of The Wind”

Battle Helm Rating

I remember the first time I got to hear about this band and what it was like to hear that very first EP. From that moment I was hooked on this band. And with every new album I have been getting more and more infatuated. So I am totally stoked to get to hear this new one. Doom has become much more than just Black Sabbath clones but in the case of PSHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT Black Sabbath is the stepping stone around which everything centers. Had not that very first Black Sabbath album been released in 1970 we would not have been able to enjoy the music of this Italian band. And I for one am very thankful that that album was released in 1970. But this is so much more than just another band sounding retro. This is timeless music that works in any decade. You just gotta love cool music. And be able to imagine a marriage between Black Sabbath and Jefferson Airplane. Anders Ekdahl

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