PSYCHO CHOKE “Unravelling Choke”

” Unravelling Choke”
A PSYCHO CHOKE doesn’t seem that comfortable. I wouldn’t want to be in one that’s for sure. But if the PSYCHO CHOKE is one hell of an album, well then it is a whole different piece of pie. There is nothing like having an album stuck in your head all day. Especially if it is a great album. People you meet might wonder why you are smiling like a fool but they should hear what you hear inside your head. I never got the whole Slipknot hype. They just seemed to be doing something that had already been done without the costumes. I guess it is just a matter of who gets noticed the most for it to be considered innovative. PSYCHO CHOKE might not look like Slipknot but they sure have that same approach to their metal. And while I’m not the greatest fan of image I do know how to enjoy the music. And this isn’t too bad. It is aggressive enough to appeal to the extreme metal fans as well as to those a bit more adventurous of the mainstream ilk. If you missed it the first time round you got a new chance now. Anders Ekdahl

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