PSYCHOFAGIST feat. NAPALMED “Songs Of Faint And Distortion”

“Songs Of Faint And Distortion”
(Fobofile Productions)
PSYCHOFAGIST might have teamed up with Czech noise mongers NAPALMED for this release but that won’t put me off from giving this album a chance. In the right doses I can appreciate the more industrial/noise side of things. So it will be interesting to see what this collaboration has brought with it. Checking out the length of the songs on this release I kinda expected this to be along the lines of Naked City. Short bursts of noise but this turned out to be more grindcore than jazzcore so to speak. I would have liked to say that this was the best musical experience of 2013 so far but I’m not that sure that this actually to my liking. As I said I can appreciate noise/industrial sounds and the more I listen to this the more intrigued I get. This wasn’t as bad as I thought at first. Anders Ekdahl

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