Psychopunch – “Smakk Valley”

Psychopunch – “Smakk Valley” (Steamhammer / SPV)

High energy punk rock n roll from Sweden! I first heard these guys at the turn of the century when they released their kick ass “Bursting Out Of Chuckys Town” and this is their 10th album in their productive 14 year career no less. Mixing together elements of early Dropkick Murphys, The Clash, Johnny Thunders and Hanoi Rocks, rough Joe Strummer like vocals meet crooning harmonies on catchy, boppy singalong songs like ‘Back Of My Car’, ‘Emelie’ and ‘Kick In The Head’. Driven by energy shakin’ guitars that probably still hum even when they’re off, there’s no lacking in the delivery of these powerful melodies amidst a raw rock n roll sound played straight from a rocker’s heart. If you’ve never heard Psychopunch before then grab a copy of this red marble vinyl limited edition gate fold and feel the blood of rock n roll pulsating thru your veins!

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