Battle Helm Rating

I knew that I had done something with this band before but I didn’t realize that it was back in 2012. Man, that was a long time ago. An eighth of my life. Since it was that long ago and I haven’t really kept up with the band I cannot remember what they sounded like. As I listen to this I am not too sure that all my sense where calibrated correct back then. This stuff brings back memories of hearing stuff like Mucky Pup, Ludichrist and those kind of bands. Bands that were crossover in a whole different manner than today’s crossover. This is hardcore mixed with metal with a slight vibe of rap. Not the stuff that I the highest on my play list and as I listen to this it doesn’t feel like it will spin too much. But that said I still fin it entertaining. It doesn’t suck major arse. There is a charm to it that I like. It must since I find myself nodding my head in approval. Anders Ekdahl

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