PSYCOREPATHS “Annoying Truths For Humanity”

“Annoying Truths For Humanity”

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This is an odd beast as it is actually a split release between PSYCOREPATHS and Undergust but I only have been sent the first part. So I have no bloody idea what Undergust sounds like. PSYCOREPATHS are a Greek band from Corfu. I don’t know if that plays any part in how they sound, that they come from an island. Musically this makes me think back to the 80s crossover scene. There is a dirty mosh vibe to this. And with dirty I mean a not so clean and proper sound but more a “we don’t give a shit” kinda sound. Apart from the wave of nostalgia that comes over me I find myself liking the 4 tracks that I am presented with. This is some heavy stuff but still with a groove that makes me think of a heavier Suicidal Tendencies crossed with Slayer. This was a cool one. Anders Ekdahl

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