PSYKOPATH “Primal Instinct”

“Primal Instinct”
(Loyal Blood Records)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a Norwegian thrash metal band that I did not know existed. As I do this I realize how much I don’t know about anything. But that is what is so cool about doing this, that I get educated about different countries different bands and what they play. This is just a four track EP. But what I hear on this record brings great hope for the future. This is thrash of the more brutal school. Not as hard assed as early Kreator but a tad harder than Vio-Lence. I that makes any sense at all. This is some really cool stuff that gets “me old heart” pumping again. The old school feel this has gives it an edge that sets the agenda for things to come. This one will be interesting to follow. Anders Ekdahl

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