PSYLOCYBE LARVAE ”The Labyrinth Of Penumbra”

”The Labyrinth Of Penumbra”
I like it when bands contact me instead of the other way around. That means that what we do here at Battle Helm matters to you guys out there. PSYLOCYBE LARVAE should make you all think of Tiamat and “Wild Honey” (at least the first part). An album that is so good that it is unbelievable. And while this might not be another “Wild Honey” emotionally this moves in the same circles. With a base of emotion PSYLOCYBE LARVAE moves between dark and gothic and death metal. Maybe like an early Anathema. I wouldn’t say My Dying Bride even if they emotionally too touches on this great band. But most of all I’d stick with my initial thought of Tiamat when describing the sound of the sound of this band. And seeing how much I like Tiamat this one come high up on my “I like it” scale. Anders Ekdahl

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