Puddle Of Mudd – “Welcome To Galvania”

Puddle Of Mudd – “Welcome To Galvania” (Pavement Music)
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With over 7 million albums sold and a string of No 1 hit singles across the US, Puddle Of Mudd were formed in 1991, and grunge is certainly inherent in their veins, although with enough blue collar hard rock to endear them to Fred Durst, who opened doors for the band back in the day. Forever remembered for their triple platinum album ‘Come Clean’ in 2001, things may not have fared well for founder singer guitarist Wes Scantlin in recent years, but there’s no denying his talent for writing hits, and indeed, this 6th album return after almost 10 years is proof in bunches that he’s still got it! With a stable line up since 2014 including drummer Dave Moreno who worked with the band in 2005, Scantlin has returned with 11 tracks that are primed to reach longtime fans as well as appeal to a new generation keen to hear that early 90s sound afresh. Rolling with deep n catchy grunge grooves, ‘Sunshine’ evokes all the melancholic memories brought to the world by Nirvana, but backed by a hard rock beat, some trippy mid song ambience gently drawled by Scantlin of ‘..that’s the way home..’ before heavy bending riffs really put in the headbanger in until the end – brilliant. On ‘Kiss It All Goodbye’, the pumping bass contrasts superbly with the hippy chorus lines as those grunge riffs reverberate again along with a hint of feedback to a straight-from-Seattle grungy melody. Like I said, Scantlin’s got a reputation for writing hits and the Green Day like ‘Uh Oh’ (I fucked it up again) does the trick brilliantly with its massive killer chorus line and accompanying melody – guaranteed this one will stay in your head for yonks! A tremendous return, “Welcome To Galvania” proves that Puddle Of Mudd still have plenty of rock n roll to share with the world.
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