PURE ” J’aurais Dû”

” J’aurais Dû”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

All of a sudden it seems like I am flooded by Swiss metal. Last week it was two releases. This week it is another one. PURE might seem a strange name for a black metal band but it somehow fits the music as this is pure, unadulterated raw black metal. It is easy to say that this is just like the 90s Norwegian black metal but I get more a vibe of 00s Canadian black metal. You know all these French Canadian bands that appeared almost all at the same time and on the same label. But then again they do draw their biggest influence from the 90s Norwegian black metal sound. So it all goes around in circles really. But the vibe is French Canadian by way of Switzerland. But no matter what the geography says this is depressive, somber black metal. Almost dsbm in vibe. Yet not really. I like the cold melancholic feel that this records sends out. Anders Ekdahl

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