PURTENANCE “Sacrifice The King”

“Sacrifice The King”
(Xtreem Music)
I remember Purtenance from the 90s. I even have a 7” with them in my collection yet I can’t for the life of me remember what they sound like. Being Finnish and with a history that dates back the 90s should give me some clues but even back then Finnish death metal wasn’t just one style. You had bands like Sentence and Xysma that were as far apart as two bands can be. I’m not denying that it’ll be fun to hear this one again. It didn’t start the way I had imagined. Instead of a full on blast it made me think of something by Yngwie Malmsteen but soon order was restored and this turned into a heavy death metal record. This is death metal in that good old school of Autopsy/Nihilist turned up to eleven. I like it a lot. Now I just gotta dig out that 7” to compare then and now. Anders Ekdahl

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