PUTERAEON “Cult Cthulhu”

“Cult Cthulhu”
(Cyclone Empire)
I’ve seen the name Puteraeon around some time now but I haven’t gotten round to checking them out. That might have been a big mistake. As with any band that has a female in the line-up I am a sucker for anything Swedish death metal. No, there are no females in this band. It is just plain Swedish death metal. And what a year 2012 has been so far for Swedish death metal. I can’t remember the last time so many great records came my way. I love that guitar sound that Entombed had on “Left Hand Path”. It has kinda come to define death metal. Puteraeon has that same feel to the guitars. Just love it. This was just as great as I had hoped for. Just have to stop me whipping myself for having been so late in discovering this band. Anders Ekdahl

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