PUTREFACT “Of Those Who Were Deceased”

”Of Those Who Were Deceased”
I like buying 7”s but I’m not that fond of playing them. They are a pain having to get up and turn over the other side every now and then. In that aspect CDs are better. But there is something to the sound of vinyl that you’ll never get on CD or digital. So for that reason alone I’ll keep buying vinyl. It might becoming boring to constantly see old school death metal being used as a description but that is the only way to describe this. This is OLD SCHOOL! And I like it! Don’t know what it is about this whole old school sound that appeals so to me but I can’t seem to get enough of it, even in the form of a two track EP. This is like listening to stuff like Revenant, Goreaphobia, Rottrevore etc. for the first time. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

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