PUTREVORE “Macabre Kingdom”

“Macabre Kingdom”
(Xtreem Music)
I’m not one to be blinded by the star potential of a band but this is probably as close to a death metal dream team you’ll get on the Xtreem Music label. With Dave Rotten (label boss and vocalist for Avulsed) and Rogga (PAGANIZER/ RIBSPREADER and what Swedish bands has he not be involved with) Putrevore is a massive slab of death metal. This is the take-no-prisoner kind of death metal that is so liberating. You don’t have to think too much listening to this. You just have to clear your head and totally enjoy it for what it is. This is the kind of rotten, murky death metal that. After one session with this album you feel like you’ve been in the ring with Mike Tyson. This is full contact death metal. Anders Ekdahl

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