Putrid Blood – “Absolute Profit”

Putrid Blood – “Absolute Profit” (Miner Recordings)

Hailing from a little town called Šid comes Serbia’s Putrid Blood, a heavy thrash core band who are fast stamping their name across Eastern Europe! Centered around a dual vocal attack mixing Brujeria like guttural with screaming styles, they also incorporate black metal melodies amidst a furious rhythm on songs like ‘Silovanje’, ‘For God’s Sake’ and ‘Zver’, which are sung in a mixture of Serbian and English. Despite being relatively unknown in international circles Putrid Blood have toured with the likes of D.R.I. and Warbringer as well as playing the Exit and Summer Sarajevo Metal festivals last year, along with winning a number of band competitions like Gitarijada Ratkovo and CMOK in their homeland. “Absolute Profit” was recorded at “Blaze” in Belgrade, one of the best studios in Serbia and it’s definitely worthy of international recognition, both for it’s professional sound as well as the bludgeoning brutality this Serb crew bring!

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