Putrid Offal – “Mature Necropsy”


Putrid Offal – “Mature Necropsy” (Kaotoxin Records)

Utterly ferocious!! Putrid Offal date back to the early 90s and are probably France’s first death / grind band who released a number of demos and singles and were also featured on split releases as well as compilations before ultimately disbanding towards the end of the decade. Still with a cult following and a desire to keep their music alive the band now release their first full length in 25 years! Whilst not new material “Mature Necropsy” is all of their 90’s back catalog – 13 tracks in all – completely re-written and re-recorded. Compared to their early releases, what has made the difference this time around has been the investment made by the band – 6 months – to reach a state of perfection seldom seen in underground death / grind bands. Musically Putrid Offal draw heavily from early Death, along with hints of Possessed and Pestilence, but songs like ‘Gurgling Prey’, ‘Repulsive Corpse’ and ‘Garroting Way’ leave nothing to the imagination that if Chuck Schuldiner were still alive, then Death would sound like this. From OTT diddly dee whirring driller killer warblings to monstrous savage riffs that scythe into you, Franck Peiffer vocals resurrect just about every 90s style from throat vomiting to thrash spat to black screamo to death guttural – shit, does the man have a voice after this!?!? Needless to say, Jean Marie M’s drums are nothing short of nuclear, from his hammering thwacking snare to his driving double bass work – a true successor of Bill Andrew’s anabolic workouts. The end result is truly awesome, owed in no small part to the excellent song revisions and arrangements which really hit the true essence of classic old school death metal, along with a superb production that makes the album sound nothing short of colossal. Available as a 1000 copy limited edition, “Mature Necropsy” lives up to name – and then some – in resurrecting and recapturing the sound of pure death.

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