Pyogenesis – “A Century In The Curse Of Time”


Pyogenesis – “A Century In The Curse Of Time” (AFM Records)

There can be few bands around like Germany’s Pyogenesis, forming in the early 90s as a grind death band, then laying claim to being the co founders of goth metal, to playing as far afield as Russia and Mexico, not mention to being well known (thanks to playing over 1,000 shows) in Germanic speaking central Europe where they have played all the big festivals including Rock Am Ring, Wacken and Summer Breeze. Even more regarded is main man singer Flo Von Schwartz, who in addition to being the founder of Hamburg Records, is a well regarded session musician who has worked with electronic DJs like King Britt in the US to being a minor TV acting star in Germany. Breathtaking as their diversity may be, what’s even more jaw dropping is that it translates into their music! Whilst most bands go through transitions, leaving much of their previous styles behind, Pyogenesis have somehow managed to carry it all with them in an incredible way, mixing goth with alt rock and pop to even shreds of death metal (no grind mind). It’s like if you’re a fan of this band, you needn’t worry about any change, just your ability to adapt with them as they evolve! From the stylish neo goth alt rock of ‘Lifeless’ to the death punk rock n roll of ‘A Love Once New Has Now Grown Old’ with its notable hardcore choruses and rapid fire beat Flo’s voice is equally adaptive from high end clean to gravelly n hoarse – no wonder he’s in demand! Matched by equally driving guitars that range from soft acoustic to heavy and a deep, crunching bass, it all comes together on the 14 minute title closer, where tender prog like harmonies alternate with molten metal riffola and then protracted Slash style soloing followed by synth ambient before being brought together in a pop culmination, but not without that heavy bottom end coming into play again, before ending as it started. Unbelievable. 

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