Pyogenesis – “A Silent Soul Screams Loud”

Pyogenesis – “A Silent Soul Screams Loud” CD / LP / Boxset (AFM Records)
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Concluding their 19th Century ‘steampunk’ trilogy, alt metal band Pyogenesis have gone for breath in their coverage of Napoleon, Freud, Frankenstein and Marx to match the incredible depth and utter emotion of their music here! Formed in the early 90s by singer and guitarist Flo V. Schwarz, Pyogenesis have played different styles such as melodic death metal, alternative metal and punk rock during their career as well as being seen as one of the originators of gothic metal in the early 1990s. “A Silent Soul Screams Loud” is the band’s 9th studio album and certainly draws upon their past in different aspects and to varying proportions although today’s style is very much based on deeper songs graced by emotional melody and an equal measure of heartfelt melancholy to captivate the listener, be they from Australia or Canada! Along with a cover that you could look at for 30 minutes or more “A Silent Soul Screams Loud” does exactly that – and in no small measure – across its 8 incredible tracks that delve well under the surface of shallowness. With its overwhelming polk guitar melody, ‘Mother Bohemia”s energetic pace and fast beat is carried even higher by its passionate lead vocals and even more moving harmonies, stirring in one shattering package your mind, body and soul – wow! Exploding with prog blossom on the slower ‘I Can’t Breathe (Monologue)’, the sound then chugs along metallically while being tastefully topped off by a punky beat that adds its punch perfectly thanks to the excellent arrangements. Closing with the 14 minute epos in three movements covering Marx on ‘The Capital’, the tender build up gives way to an incredible contrast of captivating soul and hammering heaviness topped off by an ultra catchy punk chorus in the first section, matched by some equally moving guitar work. With an ethereal acoustic second part keeping you on hooks as a melancholic lead sinks itself deeper into your consciousness, the third part begins ever so quietly, almost echoing the main melody in the wind before the added heaviness of the guitars and pounding drums further bolsters the powering vocals and harmonies to conclude this incredible release and finale. Prepared to be awed, moved and rocked all at once on this one!
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