Q5 – “New World Order”


Q5 – “New World Order” (Frontiers Music)

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Wow, given how popular Q5 were back in the early 80s, it doesn’t surprise me there’s been overwhelming demand for them to return over the years! A veritable super group, they were then made up of vocalist Jonathan K and guitarist (and not to mention famous guitar tremolo inventor!) Floyd Rose from The C.O.R.E., joined by Rick Pierce (guitar), Evan Sheeley (Bass) and Gary Thompson (drums) from TKO. Being a TKO fan, whose almost perfect synthesis of heaviness, guitar pyrotechnics and melody, had me long hooked as they no doubt did to aspiring Seattle bands like Metal Church and Queensryche, Q5 had a lot going for them and just listening to “New World Order”, guess they knew what old guys like me would be counting on – namely 14 tracks of catchy hard rock / heavy metal! Still with Jonathan K, Pierce and Sheeley at the core, these days they’ve got guitar virtuoso Dennis Turner and drummer Jeffrey McCormack (Heir Apparent, Fifth Angel) completing the line up. Musically, it’s a modernized take on Q5 with a sound straight back to those classic days of raw production from Combat and Shrapnel Records, the perfect platform for the wildfire guitars of Pierce and Turner bringing wailing tremolo, made for headbanging riffing thunder and musclebound melodies on songs like ‘Unrequited (A Woman Of Darkness And Steel)’, ‘Just One Kiss’ and ‘Fear Is The Killer’. Jonathan K sounds pretty much like Brad Sinsel, raw rock in some places, soulful elsewhere while hinting at a cat purr on occasions while the hammering rhythm of Evan Sheeley’s twanging bass and Jeffrey McCormack‘s pounding drums adds the balls-a-plenty to this long overdue album – “New World Order” indeed!!!

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