I love Limbonic Art. I love Arcturus. I love Dödheimsgard. All Norwegian bands that doesn’t follow any set formula. Quadrivium follows in that tradition. This is extreme metal that transcends all borders. Instead it mixes different styles of metal in a never ending way. This sounds like an amalgamation of Limbonic Art and Arcturus. You get the industrial, monotonous side of Limbonic Art and the melodic, progressive side of Arcturus. This is like a trip to the outer reaches of the universe. You don’t need drugs to feel like you are tripping when you listen to this album. All you need is your imagination and a set of head phones. Another band that comes to mind is Swedish Oxiplegatz. Another band that is so far out that you haven’t heard anything like it before. Through in some Dead Brain Cells around “Universe” and you get a pretty good picture of how spaced out this is. Anders Ekdahl

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