QUAKE THER EARTH “We Chose To Walk This Path”

“We Chose To Walk This Path”
I like the word play that this band has going for a band name. There used to be a Japanese band called Earthshaker back in the 80s that pretty much did just that, shook the earth for me, with their music. I don’t know if this band will come close to doing that. Much water has passed under bridge since that Japanese band. Perhaps not cause an earthquake with their music. QUAKE THE EARTH has that sound that I associate with metalcore. The hardcore vocals mixed with a combo of metal and hardcore riffs. For some reason I get this style much better than modern metalcore. Don’t know if it has something to do with growing up to this kind of sound. Is it my age that is showing? Whatever the reasons might be this is cool stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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