QUAOAR “The River And The Soul”

“The River And The Soul”
(Noma Records)
I liked Spanish bands like Baron Rojo in the 80s but that was about it when it came to Spanish hardrock/metal. Spain has along with Portugal always been on the outskirt of European hardrock/metal. It’s been there but not many have heard it. And even today it is still that way to some degree. You don’t get to hear much from the Spanish scene unless it is death or black metal. I would like to describe this as Soundgarden hardrock with an edge. You know the kind that is borderline alternative but draw an awful lot from old Black Sabbath when examined. And seeing as I like Soundgarden a lot I have no problem with this Spanish lot. So if you are looking for some alternative then QUAOAR might be right up your alley too. Anders Ekdahl

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