QUEST OF AIDANCE “Misanthropic Propaganda”

“Misanthropic Propaganda”
The other week I went through my CD collection and when I came to the Q’s I noticed that I had an album by QUEST OF AIDANCE. I have no recollection of ever buying it but there it was, on my shelf staring back at me. I can’t say that I remember anything of it which will make this meeting seeming like our first. I gotta say that I expected this to be some sort of difficult tech metal album probing the mysteries of the universe but it was much more of an extreme metal album than I expected. I’d say that this is a death metal album, plain and simple. Don’t know if the band agrees with me. I’ll give them a few thrash metal influences but for most of the part this is death metal to me. What annoys me is that I know so well what this reminds me of but I can’t put my finger on it. I would like to say that this is like a more aggressive Dark Tranquillity or an In Flames on steroids but I don’t know if I’m just fooling myself into thinking that. What I do know is that I like this album. Anders Ekdahl

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