Quimera – “Immortal”

Quimera – “Immortal” (www.quimeramusic.com)

‘…what would you do, if you could live forever?…’. Currently based outta NYC comes mysterious contralto tessitura vocalist Quimera, whose namesake band play a powerful and deeply passionate combination of classical, symphonic and cinematic rock. For a relatively unknown band, “Immortal” is highly ambitious given that it is a double album no less with 20 tracks! Sultry femme vocals combine with gothic cellos, operatic choirs, atmospheric keyboards, concerto percussion and the fluid contemporary guitar work of composer Patrick Rundbladh on songs like ‘The Forgotten’, ‘Fleur Du Mal’ and ‘Victoria’s Lullaby’, that are driven by a sweet passion which can only come from a heart crying l’amour, l’amour! On the face of it, there’s really no doubting Quimera’s talents, who not only writes from her soul to touch others across the human divide, but also possesses an enviable professionalism to strive for the highest standards in both songwriting and musicianship.

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