Rage – “My Way”


Rage – “My Way” EP (Nuclear Blast Records)

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Formed in 1984, Germany’s Rage might be a household name there, but elsewhere continue to remain very much an underground band less touched by commercial success than their peers like Helloween and Accept. Not a problem though for founder bassist vocalist Peavy Wagner, who, along with thirteen other musicians who have passed through the ranks of Rage over the years, continues to rage n thrash out the heavy, speed n power metal as true today as it was back in the day! Funnily enough, to coincide with their tour of Helloween later this month and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their “Black In Mind” album, Peavy has decided to release this taster EP – not in the least to break in his latest line up in guitarist Marcos Rodriguez (ex Soundchaser) and drummer Vassilios Maniatopoulos (ex Tri State Corner) – both accomplished musicians and more importantly, long time friends of Peavy! ‘My Way’, available in both English and bad ass bandido Spanish vocals features a mid tempo double bass driven sound with heavy, twisting guitars more associated with crossover as are Peavy’s own growling vocals. That said, the beautiful guitars and harmonious solos add an accessible touch making this top notch modern heavy metal especially with those heavy, crunching riffs! Likewise, the re-recorded versions of ‘Black In Mind’ and ‘Sent By The Devil’ reiterate the new, touch less speedy but more heavy style that actually allows these excellent songs to be appreciated once again. But most of all, the well crafted production takes the band’s original studio sound and enhances it to be more in line with their live sound today indicating that this new Rage is indeed ready to rock once more!!!

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