Rage Of Light – “Imploder”

Rage Of Light – “Imploder” (Napalm Records)
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Melody binds to violence. No kidding, it’s been a while since I’ve heard such a bombastic contrast of symphonic melody and death metal brutality meaning that “Imploder” should come with earplugs – along with a box of kleenex tissues! The vision of Jonathan Pellet (gruff vocals, keyboards, synth & drums programming) to combine metal and trance, the foundations of Rage Of Light began over a decade ago before the recruitment of main clean / gruff vocalist Melissa Bonny (Evenmore, Warkings & Ad Infinitium) and Noé Schüpbach (Nodafreth) on all guitars in 2016 with the release of their first music video, a cover of ‘Lollipop’ by Aqua, along with further video covers of Amon Amarth and Lady Gaga. Laugh as you may, I can see why Rage Of Light were signed for this debut, because they’re bloody talented! The sheer range of sounds all culled tastefully, then arranged intelligently and finally performed superbly make for some truly moving material, brutal as it may be in places, yet also touched by heart felt pieces while passionately stirring ones emotions throughout the 11 tracks is breathtaking, especially considering this is a debut – and from only 3 people. From the neo classical electronica on ‘Mechanicals’ the pulsating drum beats come as Bonny’s serene voice leads before the total detonation of monster riffs, roars and scratching see the song take off as moving orchestrals and delicate harpsichord keys see Bonny increase her own power, while maintaining her soulfulness backed by choirs until she adds her own femme roars to the pumping symphonic splendour whose majesty unfolds brilliantly through melodic bliss and dramatic darkness. Hammering in on the title track ‘Imploder’, which is in fact an instrumental concerto with blurring drum beats and whirring riffola contrasted by catchy symphonic electronica, ambient trance and classical keys that all collude to produce a majestic experience on both the senses and the soul, but noted that in all aspects has been ever so wonderful. Driving in with powering drum work and symphonic synth insanity is ‘I Can I Will’, a soundscape that is so overpowering with a multiple vocal attack from Bonny and Pellet that only builds for the massive chorus, slowed to allow its unbelievably catchiness to hit and then resonate right through your body – and that’s before the moving guitar of Schüpbach takes what’s left of you and lays it right at heaven’s door. Nothing short of a mind blowing experience, these Swiss newcomers are on the verge of something very big indeed…concerts have been announced, but will you be able to bear up to it all?
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