RAGE OF ROMANCE ”Thunderborn”

(Steel Galery Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I do keep repeating myself over and over but that is simply because I have certain countries that are more special to me than others when it comes to my metal. Greece is such a place. So whenever I get sent an album by a Greek band I sit up and take extra notice. RAGE OF ROMANCe are on their second album with this record but it is my first encounter with them. Having had a vocalist that departed to THE AGONIST they have bounce back with a new vocalist and this new album. If I have to put a label on the music I’d say that this is female fronted power metal. I do really like what I hear. There is that drive that makes power metal so powerful. Mixed with a sense of melody this stands out from the rest. I do like my metal powerful and this is a pure pleasure. Anders Ekdahl

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