RAGE Of SOUTH “I Say, I See, I Hear”

“I Say, I See, I Hear”
(Red Cat)
I was never one to champion nu metal. I never really got it. That there still are bands today that play that sort of metal is not something that I think too much about. All I care about is if the music is any good. I can honestly say that this makes no sense to me. NU metal my ass. This can be called anything it likes but I’ll call it good metal. I like the groove RAGE OF SOUTH got going for themselves. I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody that likes Korn but if you are into Pantera and the heavier stuff you’ll get your rocks off to this one. This was way heavier than I had ever expected. Really cool stuff. I can help sitting here listening to this and nodding my head along to it as I write this. Anders Ekdahl

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