Raging Speedhorn – “Lost Ritual”


Raging Speedhorn – “Lost Ritual” (www.facebook.com/ragingspeedhorn)

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OMG, it’s Raging f—king Speedhorn. Formed in the steel town of Corby, this ferocious mob terrorized the UK live scene for the best part of a decade since the late 90s before splitting in 2008 and going their separate ways into other bands. Then in 2014, a one off reunion at the Damnation Festival soon led to more shows, radio and TV airplay, playing the Sonisphere and Bloodstock festivals and back to regular touring – so the arrival of a new album “Lost Ritual” is hardly a surprise. Influenced by out of control, in your face underground bands of the time like Hard To Swallow and Iron Monkey, Raging Speedhorn feature twin vocalists in John Loughlin and now returned original vocalist Frank Regan. Musically, it’s angry, street level crossover but also incorporating elements of down tuned sludge and stoner groove through twin heavy dirty guitars and backed by the deep, reverberating bass of Dave Thompson and Gordon Morison’s smashing drums. Obviously this 12 legged, beer fueled hate machine is driven by Loughlin and Regan’s vocals that take in the full crossover spectrum from throat raw screams to rottweiler barkblasts and aggro terrace roars on songs like ‘Shit Outta Luck’, ‘Dogshit Blues’ and ‘Ten Of Swords’, but there’s still plenty of hooks n catches, not to mention massive crowd chanting choruses to see why this band were, and still are, one of the most beloved and feared live bands on the planet.

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