Rainbow – “The Singles Box Set 1975-1986”


Rainbow – “The Singles Box Set 1975-1986” (UMC)

One of the pillars of 1970s hard rock, Rainbow were formed by none other than a legend in his own right – Ritchie Blackmore – and went on to create the next generation of rock heroes from Ronnie James Dio to Cozy Powell to Graham Bonnet. This monster (and I’m not just talking about the price) limited edition box set is guaranteed to cement that legacy even more: 45 re-mastered tracks on 19 CDs with original artwork faithfully reproduced and completed with a matching rigid box. Containing not just every conceivable single release during this era but also possibly every variation i.e. radio edits, live versions, re-mixes etc it is thorough to say the least, befitting even Blackmore’s own scrupulous eyes. Still, aside from purists and avid fans still possessing by now shredded copies of the original singles (and no record player lol – Ed) I do wonder if 2 indiscernible versions of ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ or 4 different versions of ‘Man On A Silver Mountain’ were really necessary although admittedly no number of versions for ‘Kill The King’ – one of my all time faves – could be enough to satiate me! As an exhaustive – and I certainly was by the end of it all – collection Universal have once again hit the mark, and the re-mastering has certainly breathed new life into these legends of rock that make you remember the majesty of Rainbow and the light it brought forth to so many in the 70s!

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