RAM-PAGE “The Depths Of Rage”

“The Depths Of Rage”
(Metal Scrap)
Here is another band with a follow up record. If I remember correctly (I have no concept of time passed) this is a thrash metal band. And if I dig even deeper down in my memory bank I seem to remember that I liked their previous album. I can understand why I liked this band the last time around. There is something to their thrashy metal that appeals to me. It is not fancy or bigger than life but there is THAT to the simplicity of it all that makes this a cool album to listen to. And you don’t always need to dress your music in big arrangements or OTT guitar solos. You can do well with just small bits’n’pieces. This is not for everbody but if you like your metal Pantera-ish and not too polished then this could be for you. Anders Ekdahl

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