RAMPART “War Behest”

“War Behest”
(Infernö Records)
When you come from places like Romania or Hungary or even Bulgaria you are pretty much a blank spot to me. I have near to none idea of what the metal scene is like in these countries. I’ve only heard a handful of bands from these three places . But I’m willing to learn more about the bands . So why not start with Bulgaria’s Rampart. I’ve come to trust Inferno Records to deliver top quality metal and Rampart are no exception. This is another piece of traditional heavy metal played with a 10s touch. When I hear albums like this my mind start to wander to albums by bands like Acid, Black Lace and Alien (US not Sweden). I start to miss that time until I realize that it is still here, just under new names. I believe in the power of heavy metal. It is so nice to hear new, great albums full of heavy metal. Anders Ekdahl

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