Raven Black Night – “Barbarian Winter”

Raven Black Night – “Barbarian Winter” (Metal Blade Records)

Medieval metal from down under! Still wearing denim, these Adelaide veterans play late 70s hard rock metal with strong doom overtones. In many ways they remind of another 80s band – Cirith Ungol – what with their eclectic mix of The White Knight’s insane Ian Gillan-esque wailing vocals, Raven’s far out raw guitar work, The Dark Knight’s strummed fuzzed toned bass and The Godfather’s dull, primitive drumming. It’s not exactly contemporary, but together they produce an epic, heavy and classic sound that is sure to appeal to the heart of every true headbanger on songs like ‘Morbid Gladiator’, ‘Mystery Woman’ and ‘Fallen Angel’ which have an uncontrived and honest feel genuinely played from the heart. Already a success on the true metal scene, Raven Black Night have already hit Europe playing Headbangers Open Air and the Hard n Heavy Fest, so prepare to return to the old ways in the wake of the warrior’s call!

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