RAVEN BLACK NIGHT “Run With The Raven”

“Run With The Raven”

Battle Helm Rating

I will willingly admit that I used to own an album by this band that I never got round to listening to before I sold it off. Perhaps a major mistake from my side. Or perhaps not. This Aussie band are supposed to be some sort of epic doom metal band. And since I love epic metal this really should be up my alley. As I listen to this is I am totally convinced that this is to my liking. I sit here and discuss it with myself. One side of me wants to like this. The other side of me want to write it off totally. If I have to mediate between the two sides I have to say that there are parts of this that I really, really like. And then there are parts that don’t convince me that much. This album feels like one of those that needs time to grow on me. Anders Ekdahl

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