Raven Cain – “Oblivious”

Raven Cain – “Oblivious” (From The Ashes Records)

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‘…if you wanna see the redneck in me, put me onstage and lemme sing..’. Priest. Biker. Rocker. The tale of Raven Cain almost reads like a living legend right from his abused childhood raised in an ultra religious cult to becoming a touring singer for Henry Rollins, LA Guns and Sevendust – to name but a few! Hooking up recently with Jacksonville University professor Tommy Harrison, who produced and played guitar on American Glutton’s EP “Dish Served Cold” where Cain laid down his vocals on what must be this year’s musical equivalent of a Harley Davidson burning rubber across your throat, Harrison returns the favor here on this 2nd album by Cain. Right off I’ll say its totally different and no way as heavy as “Dish…” but man, is it as powerful – if not more so – spiritually and in its outright passion that’s undisputedly straight from the heart. At a time when political and social events have once again turned the world’s attention on America’s South, Cain has said ‘hell no!’ and boldly served up his own 100% deep fried southern rock that decent folks should be proud of and yeah, it’s one big can of whup ass! Encompassing southern boogie, country blues and outlaw biker rock while unashamed in singing about southern heritage and life, Cain gives it all to ya from the storming ‘General Lee’ with its chugging riffs and even more impressive breaks from Harrison – not to mention that monster solo that resonates soul in bunches. On ‘Outlaw Way’ it’s definitely a case of ‘let’s go hoss’ as John Houston’s church organ keys accompany an awesome groove – not to mention those rhyming lyrics – that make me wonder if Cain is trying (and succeeding) in his own nomination for the State anthem – and that’s before Harrison once again comes in with his sassy and shaking guitar to accompany the whisky n beer, tattoos and bikes theme. Slowing things down to slide geetar speed on ‘Rebel City’ it could almost be Guns N Roses meets Hank Williams while going for broke on ‘Son Of The South’ he hits home with his lyrics like a pulpit preacher man whippin’ up a storm accompanied by Houston and Harrison whose respective instruments are both on such fire it can only be through the Lord himself, yessir. “Oblivious” is 12 tracks that will make a believer out’ve you even before you discover that Raven Cain is in fact, a direct blood descendant of the infamous pirate Blackbeard – hell yeah!

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