RAVEN “Rock Until You Drop” “All For One” (Live At The Inferno”

“Rock Until You Drop”
“All For One”
(Live At The Inferno”

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RAVEN was a massive influence on Metallica. I remember the first time I heard their second album “Wiped Out” it was like being hit by a cannonball. That album along with Jaguar’s “Power Game” really set the tone for me when it came to taking heavy metal to a whole different level. From “Wiped Out” I back tracked and checked out RAVEN’s first album. While not being as cool as I thought their second album was this was still some of the coolest stuff around in the early 80s. RAVEN made Iron Maiden seem tame and was only rivaled by Venom for pure craziness. For a debut album this was and still is one hell of a ride. There are some really cool songs on this one that to this day gets my heart pumping.
“All For One” was RAVEN’s third album and the one that to me was the one they “grew up” on. This one had a much more mature production and perhaps a more tamed sound too. RAVEN were still as crazy as they’ve always been but this one felt a bit more Americanized, for lack of a better word. But this wasn’t that difficult third album. It is an album full of cool heavy metal that still to this day lives in my metal heart. This is the stuff that I can listen to and never tire of. There are not many records that I can say the same about.
“Live At The Inferno” was an album that I thought was cool to have and a necessary one to make my collection of RAVEN records complete in the early 80s. But I cannot say that I was too impressed with it. But then I am not much for live albums, unless I myself was at the gig that was recorded. But you cannot question the standard of songs chosen for this live album.
These rereleases serves a higher purpose in getting younger people the chance to hear where it all started and how great the whole NWOBHM movement was and what classic songs came from it. And for an old stiff like me this just brings back some really cool memories. And no, I don’t feel a day older than 12 when I listen to this today. Anders Ekdahl

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