RAVEN THRONE “Biaskoncy snieh času / Niazhasnaje”

“Biaskoncy snieh času / Niazhasnaje”
(Posession Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

As somebody totally new to Belarusian RAVEN THRONE this compilation fits like a glove. It is a nice introduction to this pagan black metal band. After an intro it all broke lose. Or broke lose might not be the right phrase because this is some seriously heavy stuff. Still black metal but very doomy. Perhaps doom pagan black metal would be a better description of this. With a symphonic twitch. This is epic in all it glory. A really cool way to be introduced to the band. And that is just the first proper track. Even though it picks up in intensity with the second proper track it is still more of the same. This is one hell of a compilation and perhaps the beginning of a long and lasting relationship. Anders Ekdahl

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