RAVEN “Wiped Out”

“Wiped Out”

Battle Helm Rating

This might not have been a 5 star record when it was released in 1982 but it has over the years proven to be an important album, both for NWOBHM but also for the speed metal genre. I don’t remember much from the past but I do remember the first time I heard this album and how blown away I was with the opening track “Faster Than The Speed Of Light”. I cannot remember if I heard Jaguar’s debut before this or after but boy; this was some of the fastest metal I had heard by a stretch. This was, alongside Venom, my introduction into extreme metal. Something that has been with me for the last 36 years. And to this day this is one hell of an album. RAVEN’s first three albums are all classics that every fan of heavy metal should own in one format or the other. Anders Ekdahl

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